Managing your staff with facial recognition time tracking

Having employees clock in for each other becomes a thing of the past thanks to time tracking systems that rely on facial recognition and are completely touch-free

Improved schedule management and security

Time tracking for your workforce based on facial recognition provides a seamless way to manage your team’s schedules. It prevents employees from punching in for each other and eliminates the need to manually enter data into online spreadsheets, scrapping the risk of human error. When correlated with an attendance system, it can bring unprecedented efficiency to the way you manage your staff.

When an employee walks up to the device, their face is scanned and matched against an existing database of staff pictures and schedules. If there’s a match, their entry is recorded and timestamped. This means that the system performs beyond its function as a time tracking tool; it’s also an efficient way of improving security by only allowing access to those authorized to be there. This feature can be put to further use if your premises include secure areas – the system can be configured to only allow certain people within certain rooms.

Touchless access

If you work in an industry where avoiding cross-contamination is paramount (clinics and hospitals, food farms, restaurants, etc.), the touchless nature of a facial recognition time tracking system will prove vastly superior to one based on fingerprint readers, whose efficiency plummets when faced with a dusty environment or various substances lodging themselves between the fingerprint and the scanner.

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