Cutting costs with smart surveillance and notification

Smart cameras and the analytics they generate allow you not just to maximize the efficiency of your security staff, but also to proactively minimize damage thanks to real-time notifications

Proactivity and quick response times

The development of smart surveillance allows businesses to reduce costs usually reserved for human operators that monitor video feeds. Still, having computers do the monitoring does much more that cut surveillance costs. It is the most reliable way to prevent damage before it actually occurs.

This way, real-time face recognition is what enables you to use surveillance video data not just as a forensic tool, but as a source of proactive notifications. By having any suspicious activity recorded, archived and sent within seconds, you can substantially reduce the response time.

Seamless security, actionable data

Cameras record high quality video, as the built-in analytics identify areas and persons of interest. Facial recognition enables cameras to isolate and send a relevant selection of images, greatly reducing the needed processing power usually required in order to handle the volumes of data high resolution sensors generate.

But VisageCloud works with a wide range of cameras, from commodity cameras to their high quality counterparts. Connecting commodity cameras to VisageCloud is what transforms them into smart cameras; essentially, integrating VisageCloud with your existing infrastructure is what turns it into a smart infrastructure. This way, they’re not just capturing images, but generating relevant data and passing it on to other devices.

Whether you’ve got an existing infrastructure that needs updating or you want to start from scratch, contact us to find out out more about how smart surveillance can help your business.

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