Streamlining access to events and venues with express check-in

Wherever a lengthy check-in process is replaced with one based on facial recognitions, queue times plummet and guests enjoy a much more positive experience

Minimising rush hour queues

Long waiting times have always been a downside of events and services that rely on high customer traffic. But facial recognition-based express check-in identifies each guest in a matter of seconds, all the while improving security and creating a stress-free experience for everyone involved.

With reduced waiting times, rush hour queues are no longer an issue, and staffing needs can be appropriately adjusted. Several encryption methods keep the data safe, while operating costs are also significantly reduced. Such systems are already being pioneered by airlines concerned with making time spent at the airport more pleasant and efficient, by easily matching travelers with their passport photos.

Early adopters

The summer of 2017 saw a rise in facial recognition express check-in systems being implemented in airports worldwide, with China, the US, the UK and Finland leading the way. Having boarding passes replaced with a real-time scan of traveler’s faces cut down the length of the process to a single second. With such systems able to process up to twice as many people each hour, the result is that plans to implement similar solutions in more and more venues are underway.

But the applicability of express check-in extends well beyond activities undertaken by institutional customers like airports and governments. Thankfully, the accessibility of these systems has also improved greatly. VisageCloud can help you reap the benefits of express check-in, no matter the industry you’re in and the size of your business.

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