Increasing customer engagement with facial recognition-powered digital signage

Testing and adapting in-store content depending on audience demographics and dwell time is easier than ever before, thanks to real-time targeting provided by digital signage with facial recognition

Global growth for digital signage

In addition to online advertising, out-of-home is the only medium that’s enjoying growth in global ad spend; this growth is largely fueled by digital OOH now used in correlation with new data application.

With 76% of people claiming they entered a store after having interacted with a window display, as well as 68% admitting they bought a product because a sign had caught their eye, digital signage is already proving its potential to maximize customer engagement and ad performance.

Streamline fraud prevention

Audience analytics allow you to access a breakdown of the viewing audience, through gender and age profiling, which in turn allows for much more precise targeting. This data lets you measure the value of each ad per shopper, to proactively adapt your ads and content to audiences and times of day, as well as to look at the way product sales correlate with ad display times. With the efficiency of your in-store content maximized, the same ads can produce vastly superior results.

In the long term, this data allows you to monitor beyond results single ads. You can measure the effectiveness of campaigns and identify trends as they begin emerging, all the while keeping an eye on the demographic makeup of your target audience and what it means for your business growth.

Gain a deeper understanding of your audience and what works for them.

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