Choosing between on-premise and cloud facial recognition services

Both solutions have their perks, so choosing the right one can prioritize cost, privacy or other features, depending on your business, industry and country of residence.

Privacy and legislation

Deciding whether to store facial recognition data on-premise or in the cloud depends on a series of factors. The size and nature of your business, whether or not you’re handling sensitive data and local privacy laws all come into play. Both versions come with their own advantages.

Privacy, data security and local legislation should be your first concerns. While cloud solutions offer extremely high security, if you work in law enforcement, health or other industries with very sensitive data, legal or regulatory requirements might require you to keep the data on-premise, in designated locations. In all of these cases, an on-premise solution ensures that your sensitive data is also compliant with physical security regulation for data centers, networks and operating personnel.

Scalability and costs

As you adapt an already installed solution to your growing business needs, you’ll find that the cloud version is very easily scalable and can be done on-demand, in very little time. The on-premise version will require additional installation and extra servers, but it maintains the utmost level of security for your files. The same applies to volume – cloud versions allow for virtually no limits, while the ability of an on-premise solution to process high volumes of data is limited by the number of servers.

Clearly, on-premise solutions require installation while the cloud version involves a very brief, simple onboarding process, so the deciding factor is the trade-off between up-front costs, operational costs and specific security requirements. On-premise deployment comes with a slightly higher cost of ownership but lower processing fees, while the cloud is more affordable and allows for flexible pricing.

In a nutshell, cloud solutions are more appropriate for small and medium businesses, while on-premise deployment is recommended for larger entities or those handling extremely sensitive data. To find out exactly which one works best for your business, please contact us.

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