Data acquisition

We believe that your focus should be on defining and refining on business processes and user experience. That’s why VisageCloud takes care of data ingestion, integration and real-time data streaming with out-of-the-box functionality.


Streaming is a VisageCloud feature by which it fetches data directly from a wide variety of IP Camera in MJPEG format, without your having to write additional code. Each relevant frame is analyzed, the result of the analysis recorded in our big data store and available instantaneously. Moreover, you can interactively compare any video stream with any collection of individuals; for example, you can identify premium guests and blacklisted guests in parallel, by querying the same stream from several apps or data consumers.

From Still Pictures

By allowing the upload of individual pictures or by referencing them by an external URL, VisageCloud gives you the flexibility to easily integrate with your existing apps, whether mobile, in-cloud or on-premise. The face detection, classification and recognition from each picture are available immediately and can also be retrieved at a later date from our data stores.

From Webcams

Through its web user interface, VisageCloud also supports ingesting frames from webcams for quick analysis, so that you don’t have to write more code or perform the additional actions of saving or uploading photos.

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