Face Recognition

Query through tens of thousands of profiles in seconds to find users by one or several photos, with over 95% accuracy.

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Face Attribute Classification

Retrieve age group, gender, emotion and even hair, eye or skin color in just one line of code.

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In-cloud or on-premise

VisageCloud and its intuitive REST API is ready to meet your face recognition needs for all on-premise, cloud or hybrid scenarios.

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State-of-the-art face recognition

We employ a wide range of state-of-the-art techniques ranging from deep learning and neural networks to conventional machine learning algorithms and big data management to ensure a smooth experience for your face recognition and classification needs


Performance & cost-efficiency

We design our services with scalability, performance and cost-efficiency in mind. The full analysis on the average social media image takes less than 3s.

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Easy, standardized integration

We like making integration simple so both you and us can focus on our core business.

Whether you are using VisageCloud on premise or in-cloud, you can plug it into your apps by calling our REST API.

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Upload a picture of you or a friend and see who's your actor look-alike!

We have shown VisageCloud pictures of over 5000 actors and actresses, so it can tell you which actor or actress or you like most.

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Our offering

We employ our expertise in deep learning, computer vision and cloud solution architecture to deliver end-to-end face detection solutions suited for your business.

  • In-cloud SaaS API
  • Just make a call to our in-cloud REST API each time your app needs to access face recognition and classification capabilities.
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  • On-premise
  • Deploy VisageCloud on your own infrastructure, to reduce latency, maximize convergence and control of your data.
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  • Custom Workloads
  • Maybe your use case is more than just simple face recognition. Maybe you want to build a new Tinder which automagically classifies faces based on how attractive they are. Whatever it is, we love a challenge. We are confident that with your imagination and our expertise we can achieve great things. Just drop us a line.
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