Face Identification

Search through hundreds of thousands of known faces in less than one seconds to identify known individuals. Each match is given a score, so that you can easily sift through the response and make an informed decision. This feature answers the question "Who are the people in this picture?"

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Identity Validation

With a lot of paperwork and applications moving online, it has become inefficient to rely on personnel for manually validating that the applicant is the same person as the one in the photo ID. Identity validation gives you additional confidence in your trusted users, while allowing you to easily red-flag fraud attempts and suspicious behavior. Compare scanned documents with selfie images or with photos from social media to reduce unnecessary risk and shield your customers from identity theft. This feature answers the question "Is the person from this picture actually Jonathan?"

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Face Classification

This allows you to know the gender, age and (soon) ethnicity of the people depicted in each picture. This is especially use when you want to have a demographic breakdown of people even without knowing who they are individually. This feature is usually relevant for retailers and out-of-home advertisers who want cleared insight into the distribution of their audience or customer base.

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API-first, state-of-the-art face recognition solution

We employ a wide range of state-of-the-art techniques ranging from deep learning and neural networks to conventional machine learning algorithms and big data management to ensure a smooth experience for your face recognition and classification needs


Performance & cost-efficiency

We design our services with scalability, performance and cost-efficiency in mind. The full analysis on the average social media image takes less than 3s.

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Easy, standardized integration

We like making integration simple so both you and us can focus on our core business.

Whether you are using VisageCloud on premise or in-cloud, you can plug it into your apps by calling our REST API.

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You don't have to worry about configuring heavy software or working in antiquated desktop user interfaces. VisageCloud is an API-first solution, enabling you to quickly integrate with other applications in your organization, both for the purposes of maintaining collections of known individuals' profiles and for the purpose of executing instant detection, recognition and classification of new data.


Upload a picture of you or a friend and see who's your actor look-alike!

We have shown VisageCloud pictures of over 5000 actors and actresses, so it can tell you which actor or actress or you like most.

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Our offering

We employ our expertise in deep learning, computer vision and cloud solution architecture to deliver end-to-end face detection solutions suited for your business.

  • In-cloud SaaS API
  • Just make a call to our in-cloud REST API each time your app needs to access face recognition and classification capabilities.
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  • On-premise
  • Deploy VisageCloud on your own infrastructure, to reduce latency, maximize convergence and control of your data.
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  • Custom Workloads
  • Maybe your use case is more than just simple face recognition. Maybe you want to build a new Tinder which automagically classifies faces based on how attractive they are. Whatever it is, we love a challenge. We are confident that with your imagination and our expertise we can achieve great things. Just drop us a line.
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